aabaakwad 2020 NIRIN

aabaakwad 2020 NIRIN was an international four day gathering of Indigenous artists, curators and thinkers which launched the 22nd Biennale […]

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Exhibition Opens

Visit Robert Houle Red is Beautiful, a retrospective exhibition of fifty years of Saulteaux artist Robert Houle’s career. Robert Houle: […]

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Keynote: Duke Redbird

Dr. Duke Redbird is an established Indigenous intellectual, poet, painter, broadcaster, filmmaker and keynote speaker, he brings his breadth of cultural knowledge and artistic practice to the benefit of a global audience.

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Material Languages

Marianne Nicolson and Dempsey Bob in Conversation Their innovative use of materials leads to new/ancient histories, embodiments and politics.

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Sovereign Words

Poetry Readings from Billy Ray-Belcourt, Janet Rogers, Timimie Märakfollowed by a conversation between the poets moderated by Liisa-Ravna Finbog.  Each […]

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Keynote: Gerald Vizenor

Gerald Vizenor is of Anishinabe heritage and an enrolled member of the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe, White Earth Reservation. The author of more than 50 books of nonfiction, fiction, and poetry, Vizenor attended college on the GI Bill after serving in the armed forces for three years, mostly in Japan.

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