Aqui Thami

aqui Thami is a janajati/ indigenous artist from the Himalayas, she lives and works in bombay. she uses social exchanges and develops safe spaces to position art as a medium of healing in community. aqui’s interdisciplinary practice ranges across ceremonial interventions, performances, drawings, zine-making, fly posting, and, public interventions, brought together by participant involvement most of her works are self-funded and realised in collaboration. sister library founded by aqui as an evolving and generative artwork engages in in-depth reflection on the visual and reading culture of our times is also the first travelling community-owned community-run feminist library of south asia.

aqui also collaboratively runs bombay underground an artist collective that is central to the underground publishing scene and hosts bombay zine fest, south asia’s first zine fest, and, dharavi art room, an artist run center in dharavi for children and women.

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