Kulleh Grasi

Kulleh Grasi is a singer songwriter, poet/writer and visual artiste, iban descent from Sarawak,Malaysia.  Kulleh writes poetry primarily in Malay, interwoven with several indigenous languages of Sarawak, including Iban, Kayan, Kenyah, Kelabit and Bidayuh His first full-length poetry collection,Tell Me Kenyalang,was published in 2019 by Circumference Books,a New York based publication.His work was featured in Poetry Society Of America ,lullabies for AAWW (Asian American Writers Workshop-The Transpacific Project 2021) and Ted X-Sungai Segget JB 2016 as a speaker.He was featured in the talk in PEN Malaysia that to steer and to celebrate the first year .He founded and curates Nusi Poetry, a creative platform for Borneo indigenous poets. He is also the co-founder of avant-garde Sarawak music group, Nading Rhapsody and Kulleh Comrade. The multidisciplinary artiste from the heart of Borneo and his book ‘Tell Me Kenyalang’ was listed as a nominee for the BTBA  American Best Translation Book Award 2020 at (March) 2020 and National Translation Award (October)2020 by ALTA American Literary Translation Association.He was also the recipient of Men Of The Year Award 2020 by Augustman Malaysia Magazine as the recognition of his achievement abroad.

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