Kulleh Comrades

KuKulleh Comrades is a music ensemble project of the natives, lead by Kulleh Grasi. The exclusively formed Comrades for Aabakwaad -Venice Biennial, Italy 2022, brings forward experimental musical from the Borneo island, with a blended taste of Malaysia. The Comrades offer their compositions of folk songs, poetry and harmonized ‘Nusantara’ ballads.Kulleh Grasi is a multi/cross-disciplined artist. Under Kulleh Comrades he’s brought together – Gabriel Fairuz Louis, an artist with his Iban music revolutionary; Jen Rossem, an up and coming skilled singer; close collaboration between Stanny Benedict and Boy Nelson, two talented and experienced Dayak Cultural Foundation artist; supported by Matt Dalin, a music teacher – completes the ensemble of Kulleh Comrades.

Artist Events