Liryc Dela Cruz

Liryc Dela Cruz (*1992) is an artist and filmmaker from the Philippines, currently based in Rome, Italy. A representative of the slow cinema movement, his works have been screened and selected in several international film festivals and art events.  His films and projects are thematically related to his own origins, family and country’s history, and psychology. They also deal with decolonial practices and the experiences of Filipino migrant communities, tracing the origins of slavery and exhaustion to the slave and colonized bodies and the Transpacific Slave Trade. Currently, Dela Cruz is developing “Ocean as a Space of Perpetual Care ” a project based on indigenous care and hospitality of pre-colonial Filipinos. Dela Cruz is currently a fellow of TBA21 Academy at the Ocean Space in Venice, Italy and Academy in Exile at the Freie Universität in Berlin, Germany.