Synnøve Persen

As a painter and a poet, she often uses the northern landscape as a metaphor, both
because this occurs natural to her and because the connection between culture and nature
creates a poetic room through the animism term. These kind of associations towards
landscape, help introduce a form of space in the art works; subjective impressions of
scenarios and moods in the Arctic landscape that occurs through sensitive brush strokes
and the lyric and meditative mood within the artist. Associations towards landscape also
introduces the contrast between solid masses and more fluid forms, which the brush
strokes do not necessarily evoke on its own. You can find portrayals of mythical themes,
where the references are primarily forces of nature, rather than formations in nature. She
has been twice nominated for the Nordic Council Literature Prize for the Sami language
area for her poetry.

Artist Events

The Knot of Narrative

Aziz Hazara, r e a, Brook Andrew, asinnajaq, Taarati Taiaroa, Matti Aiko, Synnøve PersenModerator: Wanda Nanibush


Kite, Ursula Johnson, Naine Terena, Brian Martin, Synnøve Persen, Gustavo Caboco