Day 3 - Sun Apr 24


Dáiddádallu Collectivities

Centro Culturale Don Orione Artigianelli

Rio Terra Foscarini 999/A. 30123 Venezia

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Màret Ánne Sara, Dine Arnannguaa, Piera Heaika Muotka, Ken Are Bongo

About the Artists

Máret Ánne Sara
Máret Ánne Sara
Maret Anne Sara (b. 1983) is a Northern Sami artist and author from Guovdageaidnu in the Norwegian part of Sapmi. Sara is a founding member of the Daiddadallu Artist Collective in Guovdageaidnu and is part of a new generation of Sami artists who work to maintain and improve the rights of the Sami communities. She is... Read more
Ken Are Bongo
Ken Are Bongo
In 1993, Ken Are Bongo sneaked into the cinema in his home village Guovdageaidnu, twice to see "Jurassic Park". This was the start of his dedication to telling stories with film as a medium. Ken Are grew up in Guovdageaidnu and has his background from reindeer husbandry. He has his education from Nordland Art and Film... Read more